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Fancy Wheelin' was one of the 1st companies to begin providing horses for Baraat Ceremonies here in the Bay Area. We pride ourselves on using "safe" horses that have the correct temperament for a festive Indian Wedding. The ghori (horse) can be the single biggest decision when planning for a Baraat. A majority of our grooms have never been on a horse before their Baraat, so we take the time to ensure their comfort and safety. Additionally, our huge drafts can easily handle any larger or heavier groom that a smaller standard-sized horse may struggle with. (Weight is very important) After performing in over 350 events, our horses know most of the Bay Area dhol players on a first name basis...

!!!!! PLEASE NOTE.... Starting Oct 2012 Fancy Wheelin will not be taking any reservations for the 2013 Season. With the passing of "Little Tommy" and other considerations we are restructuring our deliverable and hope to be back with a passion in 2014. Thanks for your understanding and a fantastic 10 years..!!!!!

A rare photo of Pardeep Kang and Raju Dholi playing together at the Fremont Marriott on July 2009. Some live video of that event is attached below.

Michael Samra with "Little Tommy" at a recent event at the Santa Clara Marriott. Michael can be found at Ambiance Music

Balwinder & Lal Bhatti are pictured here with "Gigi" Visit their site at Dhol Master

Natasha & Vishal Wedding -Beautiful Wedding & Baraat Photos by Vijay of Wedding Documentary
San Francisco Chronicle -Raj & Julie with "Little Tommy" at Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco
South Asian Bride Magazine Online -Nidhi & Somesh with "Little Tommy" featured on South Asian Bride Magazine
Maharani Weddings -Ami & Paul with "Little Tommy" featured article on Maharani Weddings
"Tommy" Baraat Video provided by - "Little Tommy at San Jose Ranch Golf Club" --video at bottom of page--
"Tommy" Baraat Video provided by Wedding Documentary - "Little Tommy at Shriners Event Center" --Many Thanks to Vijay, Amit & Fritzi
Sarika & Aaron Wedding at Carmel with "Little Tommy" - Our thanks to Matthew May Photography
"Tommy" Baraat Video with Pardeep and Raju at Marriott
"Tommy" Baraat Video at ICC in Milpitas (3MB file) - "I would be happy if it helps others decide in favor of having the horse at the baraat. I think its an experience that every groom should have" -Mukul

While cost is always a factor, we believe that there are other considerations as well. To assist in your search, please ask any perspective vendor (including us) the following:

  • How long have they been doing Baraat Ceremonies?
  • Do they charge for the event or by the hour? overtime fees?
  • Can their horses safely carry the required weight?
  • Does the horse wear a diaper bag? - (very important in Temples & Gurdwaras)
  • Do they have a large comfortable saddle and mounting block?
  • Do they provide a custom costume and umbrella? How about a kirpin?
  • Can they provide references and photos of past events?
  • Will their horses re-act if audience participants rush in to remove the groom's shoes? (some events)
  • Have they performed at most of the Temples, Gurdwaras and Hotels in the Greater Bay Area?
  • Have they worked with and know most of the Dholi's in the Greater Bay Area?
  • Do they wear native Indian Wedding attire (kurta pyjamas & dupatta) for the ceremony?
  • Do they have a full-refund policy?
  • And finally, "Do they enjoy doing Baraat Ceremonies"? ...we truly do
  • _____"Nanen"__________________"Gigi" -Grooms up to 180lbs______________"Little Tommy"_____

    "Nanen" our Belgian, is one of the most requested and experienced horses in the Bay Area. She can accommodate any rider or riders and has performed with fireworks.

    "Gigi" our pure white Azteca (Andalusian-Quarter Horse cross) has also participated in many events here in the Bay Area as well, can accommodate riders up to 180lbs, and has become very popular.

    And... the Bay Area's own "Little Tommy", our Percheron, stands near 18H and can accomodate any rider or riders. As close to an elephant as you can get.

    Included in our package at no additional charge:

    * All horses have custom decoration imported from India

    * Our handlers wear traditional clothing and blend in with the event.

    * An umbrella is included as well.

    * Travel & Setup Included

    Though we have several horses available, only those that pass our training requirements are accepted. We use an authentic 2-sided dhol drum exactly like those in the ceremony, for practice and training.

    For reservations, contact
    Fancy Wheelin' at:
    or call: 888-326-2994

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    Baraat Ceremonies

    Due to heavy demand, the carriage may not be available on certain dates in 2012.
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    Information from Indian Fashion Glossary

    Sehra Bandhi (Sikh and Punjabi Ritual)

    1. This is a function for the groom, held just before the baraat (wedding party) sets out for the bride's place.

      As per Sikh tradition, the groom must wear a turban, sehra and carry a sword. He must also sport a beard, even if he is a clean-shaven Sikh.

      The groom's sister ties the sehra on his forehead. He is especially accompanied by sarvala (an unmarried younger brother or friend to 'protect' him). It is said that the tying of sehra confers the status of Vishnu (the creator) on the groom.

    2. The baraat (groom's wedding party) then sets out for the bride's place.

    Reception of Baraat and Milni (Sikh and Punjabi Ritual)

    1. The baraat is headed by a deafening display of fireworks and vigorous dancing of the bhangra by the groom's relatives and friends. Accompanied by the rhythm of the north Indian dholak to the brass-bands playing the western tunes the baraat finally reaches the milni or the meeting point.

      It is welcomed at the gate by the members of the bride's family and relatives.

      Then Milni Ceremony is done. The respective male relatives from the groom's family hug their counterparts from the bride's family and exchange flower garlands. Gifts are given to immediate members of the groom's family by the corresponding kin of the bride (father gives to father-in-law, etc.).

      A professional raagi (bard) sings the shabad (holy verse), in particular, hum ghar saajan aaye.

    2. The groom is made to get down from the horse by the bride's brother.

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